Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Preciouskids.org an adoption agency or facilitator?
Neither. Preciouskids.org is an advertising network service for adoptive families.

Do you place children for adoption? How many children have you placed for adoption?
NO Preciouskids.org does NOT place children, nor match adoptive families and birth families. Preciouskids.org provides a place where these families can meet each other.

How long is the wait to get matched on Preciouskids.org?
We do not match families. The length of time a Preciouskids.org family takes to connect with a birth mom varies greatly by 
A) the type of child they want. It usually takes longer to find a Caucasian only child . 
B) How much networking the family does themselves 
C) What a particular birth mom is looking for in a family. It is up to the birth moms who gets chosen.

Is it necessary to have a family web page to get chosen by a birth mom?
I understand from birth mothers that seeing the registered families web pages help them to distinguish between families. It allows them to get to know your family more. I highly recommend it. Preciouskids.org can make one for you if you like.

Will you add a free link to my dear birth mom web site? 
Yes if you are a registered family. 

What does it cost to be a registered family? 
$50 for a listing for 6 months or $100 for a listing and a web page for 6 months?