ALL children are a PRECIOUS gift from God!   




 Adoption - helping families find children to adopt into their lives and helping birthmother's find the perfect families to parent their children. We are not an adoption agency but rather an adoption registry of families wanting to adopt children.

Special Needs Adoption - I will assist in any way I can to find the perfect family for your special needs baby or child. I am very pro-life and believe every baby, no matter the special need or diagnosis has a family waiting and praying for them. Do not hesitate to contact me if this is the situation you find yourself in. 


Family Freebies - to make your family dollars stretch. I love to share my freebies finds with you.


Christian Home School - resources, curriculum and more to help you on your home school journey.


I am Jen, the owner of Precious Kids. Precious Kids was created by Kay Green as her family searched to adopt a child. Kay and I became friends in 2000 when I joined an email group of adoptive moms. I purchased Precious Kids in 2011. I have a passion for adoption and foster care. I have fostered over 80 children and adopted six. These children have brought such joy to my life! Three of them were private adoptions of newborns. Two were our foster children before we adopted them. And one was a teen girl we adopted from foster care after she became available for adoption. I also have two biological children.

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Over the next few weeks and months many things will be changing with Precious Kids to make it bigger and better. Please email me with any comments or suggestions

We will also have family resources, baby items, free stuff for families, kids items, resources, monthly, contest, adoption resources, open adoption, education, curriculum, books, sign language, adoptive breastfeeding, mom, business, make money at home , business, home school, Christian, free software and much much more!